To balm or oil, that is thee question, right? 

To make this simple, Beard Oil works great for beards of all lengths and Beard Balm is best with longer beards. Boom, there you have it! Okay, okay no, seriously there is more. 

Essentially, the biggest difference between beard oil and beard balm is that the latter has shea butter and wax along with heavier carrier oils and essential oils to help control any fly away hairs.



What’s awesome about beard balm is, aside from containing essential oils and natural ingredients like sweet almond oil and shea butter, it uses sealants like carnauba wax to help pack in moisture and to style your beard. Sealants provide a moderate amount of hold similar to styling gels so you can sculpt your beard’s look and style any way you want.

Beard balm is best used for medium to long length beards. There is no exact length requirement, but usually 1.5 - 3 inches is a good starting point to use balm. The balm is a denser substance so it should be used hand in hand with thicker & coarse beards. 

 A good beard balm will also contain natural ingredients instead of synthetics. Synthetic fragrances will often contain potentially harmful toxins, resulting irritated skin and/or a brittle and dry beard.



Beard oil is the most common and important solution to ANY beard problem. Whether you suffer from dry skin and beard dandruff or just want to maintain a healthy beard or mustache, our vegan & organic beard oil should be the keystone to your grooming routine. 

Even if your beard is in great shape, regular beard oil use is important. It’s the easiest way to keep the hair on your face healthy, soft and your skin moisturized. 

The ideal time to use beard oil is pretty much ANYTIME! If you are starting to grow out your beard, it works really well in the short phases by soothing beard itch, just as well as really long beards. 

Also, typically after a shower is the best time to apply beard oil. The slight dampness to the beard will help transfer the oil into the follicles and ensure it’s absorbed. 



The short answer is YES. Our oil & balm are both great on its own, but your beard may want more. Beard oil and balm can be used together because they both serve the same purpose, but you get the benefits of two products. The beard oil will moisturize your beard, simultaneously the balm will provide a little hold. If you have a medium to long beard, we highly recommend.