Initially, it might be hard to fathom that our CEO is not only Kristin Smith, mother and entrepreneur, but she’s a woman. Kristin first started researching & creating handmade products from scratch for women after winning her fight with breast cancer. 

After co-founding a successful brand that was predominately for women, she decided to switch things up. Realizing men are always left out of the equation when it comes to skincare and frequent trips to Sephora, it prompted her to formulate products specifically & targeted for men. Her mission is not only skincare, but to create overall thought-provoking conversations pertaining to mens health and essential needs that may or may not be brought up in your favorite barber shop or a random outing with the fellas.

Klēn is luxurious products, crafted with quality, organic, and clean ingredients that are NOT clinically shown to be toxic or carcinogenic. Our belief and efforts are to create the foundation & platform to solve the problems men aren’t aware of, and/or are afraid to discuss.